Kingdom Kittens

Kingdom Kittens is a cattery based in Lexington, Kentucky, run by two sisters who love and adore our fluffy friends.  We specialize in both the Scottish Fold and British Shorthair breed. Ever since we saw a Scottish Fold for the first time, we knew that there was something special about this gentle breed of cats. Working with both breeds has been a blessing, and we hope the same can be to each and every kittens’ new owner.

Our parents are all purebred with healthy bloodlines, DNA tested, vaccinated, dewormed, and vet checked regularly, in order to keep them healthy and in shape. Our little kittens mean everything to us, so we provide them the warmest home and care from the moment they are born. It is of great importance to us that our babies are loved and cared for, whether they are taking their first steps within the cattery or exploring their new warm homes.

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